Want Some Ideas? Check Out These Websites for More

Plus, how to save them properly

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  1. www.Artstation.com- While this may be a glorified portfolio for illustrators and concept artists, this place is full of great ideas. Search for terms related to your story or idea, see profiles of artists you like, and watch the inspiration flow with each picture. Be inspired by the talent on display here.
  2. www.thispersondoesnotexist.com- Need a random face for your project? Find the person you’re looking for, even though they’re the product of an advanced algorithm that amalgamates people’s faces together. Don’t worry; it won’t bite.
  3. www.fantasynamegenerators.com — Now, you may have some name ideas for your characters, but there’s a bigger world out there, with different kinds of names at your disposal. Go to this website to see what kind of places your story can take place and experiment with a few names. Maybe you’ll find a name that you love so much you’ll save it for a later time.
  4. The Youtube.com rabbit hole- This one can be tricky. On the one hand, YouTube.com is built to keep your eyes on the site, so you’ll see a lot of filler. On the other hand, there’s so much great information in the forms of documentaries, video essays, lectures, and even comedy sketches. Spend an hour or two on there and watch your time. Search a particular topic and make a playlist of the best videos. Then, watch them and take notes. There’s gold in those potentially time-wasting hills.
  5. https://musicroamer.com/- Listening to certain bands can feel like a habit of sorts. We can get used to certain songs and fall into certain genres. This time, you can broaden your taste and gather some new inspirations with this site. Input an artist you don’t know much about, and explore their catalog, as well as their contemporaries.

How to save those ideas

Photo by Jason Pofahl on Unsplash

For pictures

  • Desktop- When searching for inspiration on a PC or Mac, I make folders on my computer with the name of the project in the title. Then I save the picture with a label connected to which element of the project. It saves me a lot of time later on when I’m searching for it.
  • Mobile- This one is a little trickier with the lack of a right-click option to save them. Instead, I save the images I find as screenshots or download the picture to your phone. If the app has a save feature, such as on Instagram or Artstation, then I save it there to a specific folder.

For music

Ever since Google Play Music shut down, I migrated my playlist library to Spotify. No matter which music service you use, the key with music is to make lots of playlists. Save the songs you find to playlists labeled to the project’s name. Also, make them private if you don’t want your collection out there.

For books and films

All you need is a notebook. Seriously. Whenever you feel inspired by a movie or a book, stop everything and get a notebook. This technique can also work with a notepad app on your phone. Write down the story that inspired you, then write down the idea. Get that idea down on paper as fast as possible.

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