Narrating Cruella: How Disney (Hopefully) Tells Her Story

There are three ways to recount it, but only one is the best option

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If she doesn't scare you…

The car that inspired Cruella’s automobile of choice, taken via Wikipedia.

Telling a villain’s origin story

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The three ways

There are three ways to tell an origin story, but especially for the villain: poisoning the well, releasing the hound, or envenomating the snake.

  1. Releasing the hound is all about kicking a dog until it bites back. This is when a person is constantly treated poorly by the world at large or by a particular person, and they rebel, turning into a far worse force than any of their predecessors (see Arthur Fleck from Joker or William Foster from Falling Down).
  2. The one I believe best suits a Cruella De Vil origin story is the third direction. Envenomating the snake is when a character skips over being any good and is already a bad influence. Now, they face a more malevolent threat and must become even worse to surpass their antagonists. They are neither forced to do anything evil nor retaliating to bad circumstances; they’re bad and want to become dastardly despicable.
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